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Similarly a woman on a date who shares every feeling she's experiencing with a virtual stranger will turn that man off. And I counsel men that sharing their emotions depends on whether a man can hold his emotions inside and understand them and then share them in a responsible way, which means not to throw them at a woman but rather to inform a woman and not with the intention of intimidating her.

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Now you should… With the Mars and Venus on a Date tools you will learn how to find your soul mate and discover valuable tips in order to create a loving and mutually fulfilling relationship!

With the Mars and Venus on a Date tools you will learn how to navigate the 5 stages of dating and explore some of the common pitfalls that happen when dating.

We become comforted and at ease with serotonin." "I've focused on this chemical balance in the past but never regarding how it affects relationships.

My new book, Staying Focused in a Hyper World will be available on Amazon shortly.

Those intentions will not have a positive outcome." John Gray is an incredibly rich resource for men and women who want to become or remain emotionally conscious in a healthy manner that will enhance their dating and relationship experiences.

The Mars and Venus on a Date Workshop for singles or unmarried couples will teach you how to navigate through the five stages of dating with the practical proven wisdom of Dr. With compassion and understanding, John Gray takes us through the five stages of dating: Attraction… Uncertainty… Exclusivity… Intimacy… Engagement The Mars and Venus on a Date tools are for all those single or unmarried couples who are looking for love and a lasting relationship.A man meets a woman and is stimulated by the newness.But when familiarity develops he frequently feels he can no longer focus and commit.Here's a link to my website where readers can immediately receive a summary." "The way chemical changes show up in men is that they have a greater dependence and need for excitement through new and different sources.I write about how to keep the passion and excitement associated with dopamine alive in relationships as well as the comfort and ease of knowing that person is there. Planning a date somewhere new and different pushes up a woman's dopamine levels because there's the sense of excitement.I'll cover other topics John and I discussed in future articles but here's some of what John had to say. There are reasons and solutions for both." "ADHD shows up differently in our adult lives.

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