Validating the state of active directory Datin pussy

When all users are unable to authenticate to the splash page, it is most likely a bad admin credentials.

Then you determine if a Non-Authoritative restore is good or if you need to go through an Authoritative Restore process.

This process can get so complicated that it very quickly makes the steps outlined earlier even MORE important.

Unfortunately, it just so happens that these issues always seem to arise at either 3 a.m., or just as you're walking out the door to go home for the day.

Simply following a few of the best practices laid out in my earlier posts is not enough to fix things.

Finally the LDAP client will close the connection resulting in a 1215 event.

In this case, verify the account exists in Active Directory. [email protected] or just the s AMAccount Name i.e. If the user account logging into the splash page does not exist in the directory, the username is being entered incorrectly, or the Admin account does not have access to OU containing the user, an LDAP search will complete successfully with no error based Events.Examining LDAP interface events in the Windows Directory Service Event log can help determine if a bad password or bad username is the cause of the authentication failure.To enable LDAP debugging logs on the Domain Controller, set the LDAP Interface Events to verbose using DWORD value 5 in the Windows registry.A 1174 event will not appear because the initial bind request failed.You will see Events 1138 then 1139 immediately followed by a 1535 LDAP error event (previously shown).Remember to only give the exact permissions that are required to do the job, do not OVER-permission.

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