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Most NYS State Agencies are working to better recognize the role and/or need for Business Analysts and continue to refine these position definitions.

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These definitions will ensure that staff can focus on BA activities and are allocated only to those tasks, rather than as an addendum to the responsibilities for other jobs within an Agency.

The best way to succeed on any type of project is to have a strong, experienced Project Manager (PM) and a strong, experienced Business Analyst (BA).

On some projects one person is required to act as both the PM and the BA. For the individual, the challenge is to be aware of the overarching project management activities and manage the balance between those activities and the BA activities that must also occur.

For larger projects playing both roles puts the project at risk for either rushing requirements elicitation and analysis tasks and missing important requirements or spending too much time working on requirements and jeopardizing the project schedule.

This would not be possible without your commitment and experience.

For a list of initial contributors, please go to the Noted Contributors later in this book.

Working together from the beginning, they set the stage for success by accurately planning and clearly defining the expected outcomes.

Each role provides specialized capabilities and is responsible for a different set of tasks.

The Guidebook Committee, often on their own personal time, developed the following wikibook over two years in an effort to provide a "how to" guide that could be used in combination with the IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.

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