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If issues exist, FME’s transformation tools can also be used to efficiently repair and filter out bad data.With FME, it’s completely up to you and your specific needs whether you configure workflows to report problems or to fix them or both.“The validation of any cloud based application involves additional considerations and risks that must be taken into account during the planning process.

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What additional items will the validation process need to take into account when attempting to validate cloud based applications?

I will provide some basic information below and then add more detail in a future blog entry.

Vulnerable software includes Amazon's EC2 Java library and all cloud clients based on it; Amazon's and Pay Pal's merchant SDKs responsible for transmitting payment details from e-commerce sites to payment gateways; integrated shopping carts such as os Commerce, Zen Cart, Ubercart, and Presta Shop; Ad Mob code used by mobile websites; Chase mobile banking and several other Android apps and libraries; Java Web-services middleware - including Apache Axis, Axis 2, Codehaus XFire, and Pusher library for Android - and all applications employing this middleware.

We demonstrate that SSL certificate validation is completely broken in many security-critical applications and libraries.

For many large scale deployments the validation process can take nearly as much time and effort as the actual system implementation itself.

The question is how does the advent of cloud computing impact all of these processes and protocols?

There are several other critical documents that make up the overall validation package that would be reviewed by the FDA, they include: – Validation plan: the document that describes the software validation strategy, scope, execution process, roles, responsibilities, and general acceptance criteria for each system being validated – Functional Requirements: these are based on the user requirements and define the processes and activities to be supported by the system – Traceability Matrix: used to cross reference the functional requirements to actual validation test scripts to ensure that all user requirements are tested and have been proven to be fulfilled – Installation Qualification: a set of test scripts that provide verification that the hardware and software are properly installed in the environment of intended operation – Operational Qualification: verification that hardware and software are capable of consistently operating as expected and originally predicted – Performance Qualification: proving that hardware and software can consistently perform within pre-defined or particular specifications and also meet the requirements as defined – Validation Summary Report: a report summarizes the validation activities and results and provides the approving individuals with the software recommendation of acceptable or unacceptable for use Every life science company must have SOP’s that spell out the validation process, roles, responsibilities, and what must be covered in the actual validation package itself.

On top of that would be a number of associated procedures that provide additional guidance on such topics as change control, documentation practices, auditing, access controls and development methodologies.

Security of SSL connections against an active network attacker depends on correctly validating public-key certificates presented when the connection is established.

Shmatikov Abstract: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the de facto standard for secure Internet communications.

Author data validation and reparation workflows quickly in FME Desktop’s intuitive graphical interface.

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