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Student football season ticket holders earn points by: Students will be seated by highest point totals in the lowest rows (42 points) and proceed to the upper rows.Incoming freshmen/new students will have not yet earned points and will be seated in the upper rows, but can quickly earn great seats in the lower rows after one season.

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Students will continue to be able to purchase one guest ticket per game for football, provided they are a football season ticket holder and did not purchase a spouse or dependent child ticket.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis, beginning at noon on the Monday prior to each home game on

Groups can be formed with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 100 students.

These groups will be assigned seating based on the average priority point total of all group members.

2017 Football Season Tickets The student football ticket price for the 2017 season is $24 per game.

With seven home games, the total cost for each student season ticket is 3 (includes a handling fee). Students that are unable to attend a game may electronically transfer theit ticket to another full-time UNL student at no charge.The following season's location will be determined by these points.Please note that incoming students cannot be seated with returning students.Holiday break games include all games that occur from December 17th through January 8th.Students with season tickets may request those games online in December.In the past, seating was based on the lowest student in the group.

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