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You may opt for sending form data to a different file.Validation for non-empty, alphabets and whitespace only The following code is added within the form So, if you try to understand how to write code for it step by step, step 1 is to declare the mail address to whom you want to send mail, step 2 is to write subject of the mail, step three is to collect data from POST so that you can write them to the body of mail, step 4 is to declare the mail id from which the mail is coming and finally sent mail with PHP mail() function.

Most of cases we will use the * symbol for required field.

Validation means check the input submitted by the user.

Once any piece of data is stored in a database, in a text file, or on a Post-it note in your office, its security is compromised.

The focus in this chapter is therefore how to make your applications more secure.

So now instead of typing the same code for each of our input fields we simply check each $_POST variable with the check_input function and that's it.

In this article you’ll construct and validate a simple form using HTML and PHP.

With more and more personal information being stored on the Web—credit card data, social security numbers, maiden names, favorite pets—today's PHP developer cannot afford to be ignorant when it comes to security.

Sadly, most beginning programmers fail to understand the truth about security: there is no such thing as "secure" or "insecure." The wise programmer knows that the real question is a site is.

Live Demo Following is a live demo of the PHP form we will create by the end of this tutorial.

states that after submission form data will be handled by the PHP script present in this file only.

The form is created using HTML and validation and processing of the form’s contents is done with PHP.

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