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ASP/Jscript Email Validation For a nice listing of regex patterns, visit Regex

They seem complicated at first, but once you understand the methods behind it, it makes alot of sense. Starts with any letter or number (1 or more times) 2.

On the final line we call test method for our regular expression and pass the email address as input.

If the input email address satisfies our regular expression, ‘test’ will return true otherwise it will return false. You can call this method whenever you want to validate email address.

Ends with a "." followed by 2-5 letters or numbers (.com, uk, etc) I didn't want email address to be able to start or end with "_" or "." because that is common among spammers, but very rare among standard email users.

Yeah the logic makes it so much easier to write and understand regular expressions.

Before I read that guide I knew how to write Reg Exp functions and such, but spent alot of time trying to figure out why certain things got through that shouldn't of and vice versa (and restraining myself from smashing my computer).

Once you understand the methodology behind it, regular expressions become easy and very useful.

Do you need to validate or verify an email address?

Our free email address validator will help you do that in seconds.

Use a semicolon (;) with no spaces to separate multiple e-mail addresses." Validation Group="All Validators" On Server Validate="Custom Validator To_Server Validate" Take a look at the following article.

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