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Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective.Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important step of a student's educational experience.

It includes discipline & best practices, understanding behavior escalations, and action planning for the team.

This training resource guide provides: 1) training course materials, 2) initial & advanced training activities, 3) evaluation tools, 4) wraparound, 5) team development and action planning strategies, 6) crisis planning, and 7) team planning tools for tertiary level support.

The schoolwide PBIS process emphasizes the creation of systems that support the adoption and durable implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, and fit within on-going school reform efforts.

An interactive approach that includes opportunities to correct and improve four key elements is used in schoolwide PBIS focusing on: 1) Outcomes, 2) Data, 3) Practices, and 4) Systems.

The presentation provides overview of SW-PBS implementation with data.

It focuses on: 1) effective behavioral interventions, 2) academic & social behavior outcomes, 3) Rt I application, and 4) SWIS summary 07-08.

It especially focuses on: 1) prevention, 2) continuum of evidence-based practices, 3) academic-behavior link, and 4) systems capacity.

The purpose of this blueprint is to provide implementers with definitions, descriptions, and guidelines that allow for accurate and durable implementation of school-wide positive behavior support (SW-PBS) practices and systems.

It especially focuses on: 1) personnel preparation context & implementation, 2) critical features & developmental influences, and 3) SWPBS example and outcomes.

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