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I am so thrilled and excited to finally be closing in on the one for me!

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Created by the dating coach for men, the program is based on Elena's unique 17-year experience.

The 8-hour audio track along with 154-page manual (plus 2 workbooks) offer practical insights into all facets of dating Ukrainian, Russian and Slavic women.

From introductions and beyond, her genuine, caring guidance is clear, open and concise.

No matter where in your journey you are now — just starting, had some experiences, or already found the right woman, and want to ensure your love will last — the VIP-Coaching Package will offer unorthodox solutions.

You get a notification when your potential date reads the message, and your special little email takes priority over other messages by bubbling to the top of his inbox.

So there's no being shy about it, you're def letting him know you are interested.Category 2 emails are usually the shortest: "You look cute.Let's chat." Or, "You seem like my type of girl.So far, I have not been cold emailing anyone, but I have received a few. I can separate the dating emails I receive into three categories.I received a variety of all three of those over the weekend." moments listening to the audios and perusing the books.

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