dating a man 16 years younger - Updating your own website

Your site then emains broken until he or she can – which will cost you money in lost sales and repair bills.

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This is probably the best way to save your company lots of money. Here's how it works: Get a web developer or someone to help you set up your website into a "Content Management System" (or CMS).

Don't pay a professional every time you update your website. A CMS is just a way to manage your web content easily. Your website is setup in templates, with pages associated with each template.

If the updates you project are more involved, particularly if you’re not a computer savvy person, it may be a better idea to sign a maintenance contract with your designer and let someone experienced handle things.

Be honest with yourself about your own level of expertise. By being honest about your own limitations, you’ll save yourself some aggravation and potential additional costs.

This sometimes involves some kind of database development and additional style coding in order to restrict the system to what you will be doing and not destroy the design when you do it.

Database costs are usually a higher start up cost than a static site.Your designer can also explain what you will and will not be able to in a Content Management System.The two of you can decide together if this is something you should proceed with or if you should take another route. The the designer must set things up so that the end- user (that would be you) is able to perform the tasks.First, look closely at what you hope to gain from updating your own web site and what tasks you wish to be able to perform.If all you want to be able to do is to edit a bit of text, add or delete a link or change a simple photo now and then, it makes sense to be able to do this on your own.Grade: C Contribute is a good starter way to test the waters of updating your own website.

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