Updating your iphone

In the news now is Apple's battle against the FBI over device encryption.

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, you think to yourself, and you put off the software update until another day. Apple just released i OS 9.3, so it's time for i Phone owners to connect their phone to a Wi-Fi network and let it update for five minutes.

The update features a couple of useful new features, but there are other reasons why you should update your phone, and your apps, in a timely fashion.

As irritating as they are, software updates are important, and we should start getting in the habit of following through on those notifications.

Here's why: The most important reason to keep your phone and computer up to date is security.

It’s only been five days since Apple’s last security update for i OS, when dozens of serious security vulnerabilities were patched.

As we mentioned last week, the recent i OS 10.3 and mac OS 10.12.4 updates included numerous fixes dealing with “arbitrary code execution with kernel privileges”.There are flaws with any software system — and it's just a matter of time before someone discovers them.Companies such as Apple and Google, as well as major apps, all have employees whose job is to try to hack into their own product (Google even has an entire badass team of women white hat hackers that do this).What they found was one of the most powerful and invasive pieces of mobile malware yet uncovered.As NSO’s malware, which the company codenamed Pegasus, is designed to quietly infect an i Phone and be able to steal and intercept all data inside of it, as well as any communication going through it.So if you download and install it, you should be safe.

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