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We won't go into all the reasons why you might not want to upgrade: those are covered in our Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Do note that Windows 10 is now the only option for new PCs, as Microsoft has stopped OEM sales of Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 to PC makers on 31 October.

OEMs can still sell any licences they may have in stock, but once they run out it will be Windows 10 or Windows 10.

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I can't promise I'll respond to all the messages I receive (depending on the volume), but I'll do my best.

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On Microsoft's Windows Lifecycle page, you'll also find the updated table showing that Windows 7 and 8.1 sales (to OEMs) ceased on 31 October 2016.

Infopackets Reader 'Lorraine' writes: " Dear Dennis, Not too long ago I reserved my copy of Windows 10, but then I canceled it a few days later.

Your mileage may vary but the steps should be pretty much the same.

If all of this is over your head and/or you still cannot remove Windows 10 from your computer, you may contact me for remote desktop support and we'll set up a time to meet online. If you have a computer question -- or even a computer problem that needs fixing -- please email me with your question so that I can write more articles like this one.

When I run disk cleaner in admin I do not have the clean system files button at bottom. After checking for updates finished, looked at available updates and found KB3035583 under optional updates. The commands mentioned in Step #2 - specifically, the line that says: reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Windows Update\Auto Update" /v AUOptions /t REG_DWORD /d 3 /f ...

I can only see that button when I run disk cleaner as non admin. should have changed the Automatic Updates to "let me choose".

" My response: I've had quite a few people email me about the 'Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready' problem, and based on what I've read online, it is happening to a lot of folks.

This problem seems to only happen if you reserved your copy of Windows 10 and then canceled it shortly after.

As you'll see below, there are a few other methods which have all worked for a period of time, but some users have said they no longer work.

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