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The following corporate management features are not included with Windows XP Home Edition: Features such as Encrypting File System (EFS) and computer domain account support add complexity that is primarily for business use and therefore is not supported in Windows XP Home Edition.

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There won’t be any new installation taking place on your computer.

As there is no re-installation process required, your files and all the settings will remain intact after making this upgrade.

It provides them with the reliability and security of Windows XP Professional and the efficient simplicity of Windows Me.

Windows XP Home Edition offers enhanced support for computer games, storage of digital media (such as the My Movies and My Music folders), and wizards for connecting to the Internet.

Also, you cannot deploy applications to computers running Windows XP Home Edition by publishing them using Active Directory.

For more information about Intelli Mirror features, see Chapter 5, “Managing Desktops.” Because they cannot be joined to a domain, you cannot manage computers running Windows XP Home Edition by using login scripts.

You can upgrade to Windows XP Professional from any of those operating systems, except Windows 95.

Note There is no 64-bit version of Windows XP Home Edition.

The hardware requirements for installing Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional are similar; however, Windows XP Home Edition supports only one CPU.

Users can upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition from Windows 98 or Windows Me-but not from Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation, or Windows 2000 Professional.

For more information about using Stored User Names and Passwords, see Chapter 17, “Managing Authorization and Access Control,” and Chapter 16, “Understanding Logon and Authentication.” Windows XP Home Edition uses a slightly different scheme than Windows XP Professional to identify security groups.

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