www dating uz - Updating wrought iron porch columns

For a sleek, contemporary look, opt for black or white paint.

The hollow column was then cut to length by marking around it with a square and cutting each of the four sides with a circular saw.

The preassembled top and base moldings were slipped over the shaft and the column was set in place.

Wrought iron railings, fences and patio furniture have been a classically elegant staple of homes for decades.

Over time, exposed to the elements, wrought iron can become pitted and rusty and in need of refinishing.

For reference, here's what we started with - the MLS listing picture of our dear house: The next spring we went crazy and tore out the boxwoods, which had grown unruly and I had accidentally killed a patch of when trying to prune. We ended up taking out the wrought iron and putting in 4X4 posts to wrap around, creating a 7.5 inch column.

We added in azaleas, which were smaller and easier to manage: And finally this summer we moved forward with the rest of the porch project. We actually measured several in Jake's parents neighborhood to find out the proper width for our style house.

Inspired by Craftsman-style porch columns, they reimagined theirs as square pillars, cladding the ironwork with 1x12s and using 1x6s and crown molding to make a capital and base for each one.

To fix the deteriorating concrete underfoot, they mixed up and poured on a resurfacer and smoothed it out with a sponge.

Megan fashioned a plaque stenciled with oversize house numbers, added a rug over the now clean white floor, set down a pair of chairs they already owned, and bought potted plants to liven up the space. Megan can't believe they waited so long to fix up the entry.

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