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It features a well built file management system and various features for burning media to CDs or DVDs or synchronizing files with mobile devices, so it is safe to say that Winamp is one of the most popular media players on the market, if not THE most popular.

The familiar controls window, equalizer and playlist are still the backbone of Winamp's interface.

A media player is among the first things a user will download when his operating system is freshly installed.

Without such a program, it would be quite difficult to listen to your favorite songs or radio stations.

This is because MP3tag downloads possible tags from the internet using sources that require the album name (e.g. What MP3tag lacks is access to the Gracenote database (formerly CDDB – Compact Disc Data Base) – this can identify digital files like MP3s from the track itself – [Tip: if the track is currently playing in the Winamp Main Window you could alternatively click ‘File’ from the menu bar and then select ‘View file info’ to open the same File Info window]The File Info window shows Basic Info and additional tabs for Artwork and ID3 tags – in my example there are no tags at all and the only thing known about the track is the file name – unknown.mp3Conclusion Winamp is a simple and quick way to tag music files, even if the track name and other details are unknown – the Gracenote database may not cover every track ever released but it appears to retrieve even the most obscure tracks. i Tunes also use Gracenote for music file identification but, in my experience, Winamp is small and lightweight with rock solid stability.

It’s also easy to install, upgrade and uninstall – unlike certain competitors.

Winamp is free and it can be installed, in less than a minute, even on low end computers.

During the installation process, you will encounter a few options to install a Winamp toolbar on your browser and other additional services.Regardless if you are a novice or a veteran user, you have surely heard of Winamp.It has been available for the public for a long time.Winamp has come a long way since being a simple program for playing audio files.There are over 20.000 skins available and more than 450 plug-ins.You can opt to install or decline them just by clicking radio buttons or check boxes.

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