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But the timestream was getting shaken out of place And Wheelie got stuck in a neverending race!Eventually, time and space was restored and repaired, Freeing Wheelie from his trap (although nobody cared).When Marissa came and helped, the lightpoles got wise, Targeting her ship and blowing it out of the skies!

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With his confident walk and his whimsical talk, Wheelie earned the respect of the Mighty Grimlock!

Then with the help of Hot Rod and Kup and the rest, Wheelie returned to Cybertron, most can attest.

In his biggest adventure, Wheelie searched for a way To deduce the date of Magnus's birthday!

He knew finding the truth would be kind of tricky, So he went and paired up with Daniel Witwicky.

But Wheelie survived when Rodimus Prime returned And left the zombie Optimus behind to be burned.

Not long after that, with no assignment or mission, Wheelie volunteered for a pleasant competition.

Wheelie was slightly more active in his next major caper, As Cybertron was being drained of its energy vapor!

Wheelie opened fire at Tornedron (a spider made of light), But Tornedron drained his life, leaving Wheelie's body white.

This can drive others crazy, but Wheelie doesn't care; He'll survive all their whining with smugness to spare.

His critics may hate him or even wish he would die.

Though friendless and alone, Wheelie kept himself alive, Because Wheelie was strong and the strong must survive!

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