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What Up Any does is launch the built-in update checker, which downloads the update files (took 4-5 minutes in my case, the wi-fi connection dropped, so I relaunched the procedure, but the download continued from where it had stopped), reboots the phone into maintenance mode, and then installs the updates.

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This Firmware Update also resolves all previous disc- playability issues.

- This Firmware Update adds improved playback of the 20th Century Fox movie in the BD tile "Jumper".

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There is an application on Google Play called Up Any (SHARP OTA outside Japan) which should allow you to upate your Sharp Android smartphone without having to take the phone to Japan. In the SH-10D case, there were two phases, each taking about 3 minutes to complete.

A piece of advice is to never update a version that a brand spanking new.

If there is a serious flaw that went undected in their internal testing, it will get cuaght shortly after realese and then you will see a new relaese a couple weeks later.

Any update I try is now resulting in a message that the player is already updated, so I guess I have to downgrade before I use the European update (HE8022000).

So in short: does anybody have an old version of the firmware as a .rvp-file? I tried to do the firmware update and I get this message that says that I have more than one file on the USB... I am hoping that the next one will work and that its just an error with this current upgrade..

After searching on the internet, I 'accidentally' used the HU8022000-update throug the USB-port.

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