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Should the Juggernaut die, the power-up will drop and become available for pick up by either the same or opposing team.

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The Open IV group said in a message today (via PCGamer), "We feared that this day would come… The day, when GTA modding was declared illegal."The organization said it complied with pertinent rules related to modding GTA content, including not "messing with online [play]" and only using "clean-room reverse engineering," among other things.

On June 5, Open IV said it received a cease and desist order letter from Take-Two, the parent company of GTA V developer Rockstar Games.

[UPDATE] Rockstar Games confirmed in a statement to Game Spot today that its parent company, Take-Two, did send a letter to the mod group.

The statement explains why it took action against the Open IV tools, saying they can create a nasty environment for some players "interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody.""Take-Two's actions were not specifically targeting single player mods.

Unfortunately Open IV enables recent malicious mods that allow harassment of players and interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody," Rockstar said.

"We are working to figure out how we can continue to support the creative community without negatively impacting our players."A popular Grand Theft Auto modding tool program has shut down after the group behind it claimed it received a cease and desist order from Take-Two Interactive.

It's online component, GTA Online, has proved to arguably be the most lucrative product in Rockstar's line-up, as it's consistently supported it now for more than three years across multiple platforms.

Update: Lead developer of Open IV, Goo D-NTS, has issued a statement in response to Rockstar's.

The letter reportedly that the modding tool "allow[s] third-parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two's rights."Open IV said they could go to court to demonstrate that modding is within the coverage of fair use, but the organization decided not to."Going to court will take at least few months of our time and huge amount of efforts, and, at best, we'll get absolutely nothing," it said.

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