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The Afterhours Service will be CLOSED all statutory holidays including the Civic Holiday. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUG 15 P. Please be advised that the civic address of the Kincardine Community Medical Clinic and Kincardine Family Health Team has changed from: 44 Queen Street, Kincardine, ON N2Z 3C1 to 1201 Queen Street, Kincardine, ON N2Z 3C1. We are still located beside the Kincardine Hospital.

Access to the Kincardine Family Health Team is at to the patient. The Municipality has re-numbered some of the addresses on Queen Street.

By the end of the program you will have the knowledge and confidence to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Updating resume for nurse practitioner

We are supportive of and encourage patients and the public to attend the well-organized community flu shot clinics occurring at local pharmacies.

Please note: patients aged 65 and over, may contact the medical clinic to schedule an appointment with the Nurse Clinic to receive the vaccination.

The Kincardine Family Health Team is CLOSED today due to the road closures and deteriorating weather forcasted.

********************************************************* The Kincardine Community Medical Clinic is open, however individual Doctor's offices are closed.

Visits that are NOT appropriate for Afterhours would include: chronic illness (old injuries, maintenance of diabetes etc.), medication adjustments, routine medication refills, requests for lab test or procedure results, routine blood pressure checks, severe pain requiring narcotic medications, complete physicals, and physical assessments required for work or school etc. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUG 22 P. Fentanyl Patch-4-Patch Program The abuse and misuse of fentanyl patches is a very serious issue, causing significant harm, including death.

Gerry Glover, Chief Executive Officer of the Family Health Team said “implementation of the Afterhours Service is part of our commitment to improve access to ensure the is available for when patients are in need of immediate care for non-urgent concerns. The physicians of Kincardine are working together to ensure that all prescribed fentanyl patches are accounted for.No appointment is required and will operate on a basis. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUG 29 P. Chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, medication refills, form completions, or annual physicals) are not considered urgent and should be managed through routine office practice appointments.The Afterhours Service will be operational on scheduled Mondays and Thursdays from pm – pm and is intended for patients experiencing an acute illness or injury. I work during the day and don’t have time to see my doctor, so can I wait for the Afterhours Service to see the nurse practitioner? For any regular office appointment, you must call your doctor’s office and schedule a regular visit with your doctor or primary care provider. A valid Ontario Health Card is required at every visit.Currently, there is no established timeline for when the flu mist will be available from Public Health.Locally, the medical clinic will schedule appointments for children under five (5) and those with compromised conditions the opportunity to acquire the influenza vaccination.Please note that the Afterhours Service is not for emergency cases. Please contact the KFHT or your primary care provider for further information or referral.

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