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The procedure is slightly different for a classical Linux setup with a .

On certain Linux distributions, you might experience difficulties building the module.

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In addition, there is an alternative generic installer (.run) which should work on most Linux distributions.

The generic installer packages are built on EL5 systems and thus require reasonable old versions of glibc (version 2.5) and other system libraries.

The NDIS6 driver is default for Windows Vista and later.

For older Windows versions, the installer will automatically select the NDIS5 driver and this cannot be changed.

The installer will also try to build kernel modules suitable for the current running kernel.

If the build process is not successful you will be shown a warning and the package will be left unconfigured.

Please select "Continue" on these warnings as otherwise Virtual Box might not function correctly after installation.

The installer will create a "Virtual Box" group in the Windows "Start" menu which allows you to launch the application and access its documentation.

Files of these types then will be opened with Virtual Box.

Set to To perform a non-interactive installation of Virtual Box you can use the command line version of the installer application.

In addition to the Virtual Box application, the following components are available: This package contains extra networking drivers for your Windows host that Virtual Box needs to support Bridged Networking (to make your VM's virtual network cards accessible from other machines on your physical network).

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