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Trey is a prolific photographer who took the first HDR photo ever hung in the Smithsonian.

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A common requirement is to refresh the Grid View after regular intervals. NET contains the Timer control which comes in very handy to achieve such requirements.

Here's how to do so: Add the Grid View and the Timer control inside an ASP.

He uses Topaz Adjust not only because it’s an artistic vision powerhouse, but also because it’s extremely efficient.

He knows he can count on the presets — Dynamic Pop II is a favorite — anytime he needs to speed up his workflow. Rick Sammon teaches his students to "explore the light" for great photos, and Topaz Adjust helps him do that in post-processing.

He has also written two EBooks 51 Recipes using j Query with ASP.

To try out pre-release features, you should download the Visual Studio 2017 Preview installer, which will offer the option to install Preview versions of Visual Studio side-by-side (Sx S) with the stable (Release) version.

To improve user experience when entering or editing data, starting with this release, you can enable inline editing for most fields in the grid view (e.g. You can enable inline editing at the system level or at a user level. In addition, when assigning resources, in the Resources field, you can either start typing the name of a person and select it from the list, or click the Advanced link to open the Add Resources pop-up window.

Note: Inline editing is not supported for the Name field.

His main passion is creating images that mimic what the human eye sees, especially in landscape photography (view Ben's website).

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