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On another trip to Fairway Market, after I entered the highway, the app's voice prompt said to turn left in half a mile, which is actually impossible. It took the app a while to realize I had missed my turn, then it sent me to a turnaround ramp that's marked "Do not enter; authorized vehicles only." (To be fair, Map Quest did the same).

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First, I searched for restaurant a few miles away from where I was called Harlem Public; the closest match in the app's database was Harlem Public Library.

And I couldn't find it in Yelp except when I navigated through categories, which was annoying.

Interface and Points of Interest When you open the app, you're greeted with a map of your current location.

Tap the traffic icon on the bottom left and you can see nearby slowdowns, traffic jams, and other incidents.

That said, many of the other businesses I searched for were in the database, include Fairway Market Harlem (which was labeled Fairway Wholesale Market) and the St.

George Theatre in Staten Island, neither of which are in database.

Below that is a panel with your speed, direction, and the distance to your destination.

Menu options include Enter Address, POI Search, Contacts, History, Settings, and Enter Coordinates.

For instance, when I navigated to a restaurant less than a mile away, I got an alert that said the route was the maximum walking distance of 20 miles.

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