Updating gpo

Similar to the gpupdate command in the previous section, its Power Shell equivalent offers the same control over workstations and executing GPO settings updates.It differs in that the Invoke-GPUpdate PS cmdlet will allow for it to run on local device as well as remotely.

updating gpo-5

Note: Both commands listed above are executed from the Command Line Interface (CLI) and require the commands to be run on each computer locally.

The commands may be run manually, scripted, or via a third-party application, such as PSExec.

If you have Windows Server and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) deployed in your organization, you can configure update settings for Office 365 Pro Plus by using Group Policy.

To do this, download the most current Office 2016 Administrative Template files (ADMX/ADML), which include the policy settings for Office 365 Pro Plus.

This includes controlling how Office 365 Pro Plus is updated.

The settings that the Office Deployment Tool uses to install and update Office 365 Pro Plus are contained in a file.

Typically, Active Directory (AD) domains will replicate changes made to the topology after a finite amount of time has passed since the initial change.

By default, after the initial change AD will begin a countdown timer that will propagate the changes that have occurred during that time frame to all AD domain controllers.

If you decide to make a change later, update the Group Policy setting by using the Group Policy Management Console.

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