Updating fedora yum accommodating nedir

Please have a look at /var/log/to trace why the build process failed.

This guide explains how to install Virtual Box 5.1 on RHEL 7/6/5, Cent OS 7/6/5 and Fedora 24-12 systems using Virtual Box’s own repository with YUM and DNF (for Fedora 23 releases) tool.

This guide also explains how to install Virtual Box 5.1 on Debian 9/8/7/6, Ubuntu 16.04/15.10/15.04/14.10/14.04 and Linux Mint 18/17/16/15 systems using Virtual Box’s own repository with APT-GET command.

APT commands operate as a front-end to the lower-level command.

Free BSD also offers the Ports Collection, a local directory structure and tools which allow the user to fetch, compile, and install packages directly from source using Makefiles.

This guide is intended as a quick reference for the fundamentals of finding, installing, and upgrading packages on a variety of distributions, and should help you translate that knowledge between systems.

Most package systems are built around collections of package files.

Package repositories help to ensure that code has been vetted for use on your system, and that the installed versions of software have been approved by developers and package maintainers.

When configuring servers or development environments, it's often necessary look beyond official repositories.

Virtual Box is an open source cross-platform virtualization software, it can be installed on any operating system and enable you to install and run multiple guest operating systems on same computer.

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