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As transgender vets know, records with former names or outdated gender designations can put people's privacy at risk and lead to harassment when applying for jobs or benefits and in other situations.

Transgender Survey, nearly one in five transgender people are military service members or veterans, almost twice the rate in the general population.

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A gender (or name) change in DEERS will not affect the eligibility of any of your existing dependents for military benefits.

What Documents Should a Name and Gender Change Request Include?

The DD149 form gives you the opportunity to make a case for why having a prior name on your military record is an injustice for you.

You should personalize your responses on the DD149 form according to your situation.

This injustice can be remedied effectively by issuing a corrected DD214 listing my current legal name. Sample Army Injustice Explanation ---- Relevant Army Board for Correction of Military Records Decision Sample Navy Injustice Explanation ---- Relevant Navy Board for Correction of Military Records Decision Sample Air Force Injustice Explanation ---- Relevant Air Force Board for Corrections of Military Records Decisiona.

Date of Discovery – You can put in a date that was important in your transition process—such as the date when you socially transitioned, legally changed your name, or updated your identification, or you can use a date when you attempted to use your DD 214 and you were “outed”.

Below is sample language to give you an idea of how you can make your case.

Because the Department of Defense has not published written guidance on this issue, this is simply NCTE’s recommendation and may be updated over time. I changed my legal name from [prior name] to [current name] in [year], as evidenced in the attached name change order, to align my name with my gender identity.

DHRA will confirm with the Service Project Office when the record has been updated.

The Project Office must then follow existing Service procedures to send an update to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), or the Service equivalent pay office, to allow DFAS, or the Service equivalent pay office, to update its system with the corrected gender.

We respond to all active duty personnel regarding DEERS enrollment, ID card policy and procedural interpretation, DEERS/RAPIDS hardware and software issues, and develops guidelines for field level enrollment of family members in DEERS.

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