Updating datetime

This is because the date is stored in UTC and depending on the user’s timezone, the time is converted and displayed.

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Convert Date And Time Behavior request has the following required members: Here is an example of how to execute this message Convert Date And Time Behavior Request request = new Convert Date And Time Behavior Request() ; // Execute the request Convert Date And Time Behavior Response response = (Convert Date And Time Behavior Response)_service.

Execute(request); This will convert existing values stored for the attribute Joining Date for the previous contact records created before we changed the Behaviour from User local to Date Only according to US Eastern Time.

A new message has been introduced to fix the existing data after a change in the date/time behaviour.

Note this message only works when the change has to be done to “Date Only” from any other behaviour.

No matter what is the timezone setup for the user that is viewing this record, the date would always show up as “6/30/2015”.

If you have users setup for multiple timezones, it might just make sense to make sure that this request is executed for the date fields that have been set to “Date Only” to reflect the correct date that you want.

I love the new Custom Format option with the Date Time tool in Alteryx 11.0, this makes working with dates SO MUCH easier...

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