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If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it.

If you determine to flash BIOS, you are taking a personal risk of BIOS flash failure.

However, if you have an older board or one that doesn't use SPI (note that they have some SPI support, just that it doesn't work on my board) then you probably want to look at their website. I noticed that many people had problems in regard to extracting the BIOS data from the offered by Gigabyte.

The is an executable created by some general tool and decompressing them can be done under Linux using either rar (older) or 7zip (newer, they switch around 2009 or 2010 if I'm correct.) The file will include 1 or more files. EXE A utility used to flash the BIOS with the p55aud4p.f14 file, assuming you can run it (i.e.

Disable the Gigabyte logo bootup in the BIOS, so that you can see what the diagnostic screen displays. Ok, we try the "Optimized Defaults" after updating the BIOS, and all the controlers not use are disabled !! I dont desabled the Post screen Logo but, we used "TAB" key to see the post screen ... Tonight, We are gona try with an other HDD "WD Caviar Black SATA3" exact same drive. I finally decided to bring the PC at home for more efficient test. Strange bug, that's not supposed to cause boot problem... I never think about asking my friend to unplugged all peripherals before testing ...

Es ist soweit, das Proof of Concept, ein Gadget direkt auf den Ring0 Zugriff zu geben und somit die Möglichkeit Temperaturen etc.

So I look further on the Internet and see that there were changes in version 13 of the BIOS labeled "memory compatibility enhancements". Problem: the only two options offered is to run with the internal BIOS Qflash tool or run a software either under DOS or MS-Windows. I have another thumb drive with a better setup and will try that one instead.

Looking around on the Internet I find the fact that you should probably use what's called "Profile 1" for the memory to work better. No difference, other than the fact that the memory is used at the correct speed (1600Mhz instead of the default 1333Mhz.) However, I'm still have 8Gb of RAM.

Also if anyone has exp with similar setup and care to share sage tweaks and settings i am all ears!

I got some new memory for my GA-P55A-UD4P motherboard. So, I got some Kingston which in general the Gigabyte motherboards support. below we have another line and only Bank 1 and 2 are accepted. Having Linux only, that's a bit of a challenge to run DOS or MS-Windows... Looking around I see that it should support either a Floppy, a USB drive or a hard drive. Checking that Flash drive with fdisk, I notice that it's not so good. Also, I made it bootable with a version of Free DOS2 and the Flash file from the upgrade package offered by Gigabyte. the latest news: I was able to update my BIOS (finally! The syslinux system does not seem to be capable of booting Free DOS.

This being said, the QFlash tool worked like a charm with the correct Thumb drive. Somehow it recognizes the 16Gb but can only use 8Gb. Booting would only show 4Gb as expected by what the BIOS was saying.

It was properly recognized and shown in the list of drives to choose from. Just in case, I tried to put my 2 x 2Gb of memory in the slots (bank 1 and 3 as you're supposed to do) and I got only 2Gb of RAM working!

Reason i ask is because my last two pcs i had i just used the software provodid and never had a reason to update o the newet versions.

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