Dbi sexual chats - Updating avocado green bathroom

The seventies style oak towel rods were replaced with a wainscot and hooks -- so much more functional.

We plan to paint the oak mirror frame and the oak vanity, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Who would think that avocado and aqua could co-exist peacefully? This is the this bathroom has ever looked, just by working with the colors that are here.

updating avocado green bathroom-33

We would like to completely remodel the bathroom, but since it is the only bathroom we have in our city condo, that probably won't happen soon.

Twice, we have remodeled bathrooms when we had no spare bathroom, and I can tell you it is not for the faint of heart.

I love a beautiful vintage bath as much as the next person, but sometimes vintage bathrooms are ugly. And speaking of luck, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to rip out their old ugly stuff, like Mississippi Mojo did.

How many times have you moved into a rental or bought a new home, only to be stuck with an avocado bathtub. If your home is a rental, or your finances or life situation won't allow you to remodel for a while, you may just be stuck with the bathroom you inherit.

Honestly, the most important thing we did with this bathroom, was clean it to within an inch of its life.

While it doesn't look too dirty in the original photo, trust me -- it was pretty grimy.

Think about it:green, blue, khaki, brown go together perfectly, so why not in a bathroom with avocado tiles and aqua countertops. When I found these towels at Homegoods, I knew this was my answer on how to blend those colors.

I have no idea what happened back in 1973 that brought in the aqua countertops, but I have a feeling my Dad found them on sale somewhere. So, let’s take a peek back at what this bathroom looked like a few short weeks ago when I first shared it with you.

This color fits well into bathroom of vintage or retro style, especially if you find appropriate decor items and finishing elements.

Look through our photo ideas below to find the best for you.

The original vanity was replaced with oak, and the shower surround tile was replaced with two by two mosaic tile in off-white, with a blue-green racing stripe.

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