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If we click on Button1 now, it will update the text of Label1, but though we have registered the Label2 with the script manager still its value will not be reflect. After that we have set the Control Value by from the data item collection using .So, In case we have multiple control that we need to update we can use the control name to retrieve the value form the Controldata Items.NET Ajax, but even looking around a lot I didn't find a clean and polished solution for what should be a common task. NET Ajax extender for such a simple task, but after a few hours of Google-ing, I found a few nice articles on Ben Rush's blog, which is a very valuable source of knowledge on the internals of ASP. The only thing you need to do to refresh from javascript is to register a Button (hidden via CSS) Click event as async trigger for an Update Panal and then call the following method from your javascript method: Yes, that easy. But in my page I also had to pass a value to the Update Panel, so the button was not enough.

The tab lists the results of diagnostic searches so that you can see what settings can be adjusted or what search types can be used in order to find the image on the screen.

The options listed correlate to the options in the .

Net AJAX Update Panel is does not contain any files and also the Has File property is false when the file is uploaded.

The answer is by just changing the Trigger of the upload button from Async Post Back Trigger to Post Back Trigger.

The Viewer window during an Image Update panel Diagnostic Search When an image is not found, or multiple instances of an image are found, the Image Update panel appears and conducts a variety of diagnostic searches.

The results are highlighted in the remote screen window.

This behavior enables more precise placement of the hot spot, especially when using captured images to create search rectangles, as might be done with an OCR search.

This thing is quite simple when we are trying to update any control which is inside the updatepanel itself. We have one Button say Button1, which is also inside the Update Panel.

In addition to these issues, I know users have problems with Update Panel Triggers, User Controls in Update Panels, and Update Panels in Master Pages. NET AJAX docs to become familiar with the controls.

Also, check out the AJAX Videos which discuss usage of not only the Update Panel but also the AJAX Control Toolkit.

This means that even if the File Upload control is inside Update Panel still there will be a Full Postback when upload button is clicked.

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