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Do not portray any sexual harassment behaviour here.* Do not give out personal private identification details like mobile number, email address, facebook IDs etc.* This portal is not an extension of social network portals like Facebook , post your social IDs only in Facebook sponsored chatrooms. * Instances of fraud, sabotage, cheating, harassment thrive on personal informations so beware. Stay anonymous* Minors of age 14 or less should voluntarily opt out of this guest chat system.* The chat service is free however data transfer costs are dependent on operators.Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth plan for chatroom access.* This free guest chat platform is not to be used for religious, racial, political or any social cause (no distinction, no allowance, same policy).* This chat portal takes no responsibility for any loss or damage in terms of financial, social, physical or mental loss arising from this network.Copy mysql driver into tomcats lib folder (so its loaded by jvm directly, not by tomcat), and message will be gone. My versions were Apache Tomcat 6.0.29 and JDK 6u12.

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To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC Driver has been forcibly unregistered.

Although Tomcat does forcibly deregister the JDBC driver for you, it is nonetheless good practice to clean up all resources created by your webapp on context destruction in case you move to another servlet container which doesn't do the memory leak prevention checks that Tomcat does.

However, the methodology of blanket driver deregistration is dangerous. Logger Factory; /** * Registers and unregisters the Oracle JDBC driver.

Some drivers returned by the method may have been loaded by the parent Class Loader (i.e., the servlet container's classloader) not the webapp context's Class Loader (e.g., they may be in the container's lib folder, not the webapp's, and therefore shared across the whole container). * * Use only when the ojdbc jar is deployed inside the webapp (not as an * appserver lib) */ public class Ojdbc Driver Registration Listener implements Servlet Context Listener I will add to this something I found on the Spring forums.Enjoy having a profile where other people can find you and send you private messages, even if you are not online at that exact moment.Create an avatar pic that can be used in the text chat rooms, and throughout the other areas of the site as well.Before beginning the chat, a user must see: When the user's chat is accepted by an agent, both the user and the agent should join a multiuser chat.Other agents may join this chat freely, and people with "Room Monitor" permission can watch without joining.Our on site sex chat roulette is a fun way to watch and or share live video with random people live on the network 24 hours a day.

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