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Speeding and running red lights are major causes of road crashes.

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The addition of the power lead facility might be useful I suppose and my bike happens to have socket too.

You can download sample clips here - but do not stream them as they will only show in their original quality when played locally from a downloaded file.

I enjoy your respected reviews and bought a dash cam, the G1W Budget Dash Cam that you reviewed, one that has exceeded my expectations and in the long term of frequent use it has performed faultlessly.

I only comment here because it is similar in some respects to this one but for the price a much better deal.

This translates to an annual savings to the community of around $650 million.

Over 96% of the savings associated with the program are attributed to the Queensland Police mobile speed camera program’s philosophy of .

The picture quality is fine by my standards as are the colours.

The definition is excellent and the simple switches can be heard inside the helmet as they vibrate causing a buzz so you can confidently operate them with gloves. I am not knocking this S10 but I am very glad I bought the one I did and not this one.

Speed and red light cameras have a proven record in reducing the road toll.

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