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However, Frontpoint will often waive it if you ask, so be sure to mention it.

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We never feel pressured to buy or get the impression that the sales rep is just trying to land their commission—which unfortunately happens a lot in the security world.

We encourage you to put Frontpoint’s sales team to the test and let us know how it goes with your comments below.

Frontpoint offers patented Crash and Smash Protection through its equipment.

This means an intruder can’t disarm your security system by busting into your house and trashing your alarm panel.

Cellular monitoring makes your system more reliable than traditional landline monitoring because it means burglars can’t cut a wire to halt the signal to the emergency responders.

When a sensor is triggered, you know the monitoring agents will receive the signal.

What makes a home security system the best comes down to the experience that a home security company provides.

A good home security company will show genuine interest in providing you with a security solution that fits your needs.

We’ve compared Frontpoint’s pricing against competing providers in our home alarm comparison table, and although Frontpoint isn’t the cheapest option, you get what you pay for.

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