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It was only his frantic waving to show there were children in the cart that Mr Reyneveld believes prevented the British pilot from firing and killing them all.

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I asked for this translation because it reminds us in just a few short words of what the Ukraine ) were adequate, they could have created a country where today the Russian citizens would be coming to find work.

Indeed, for the first 10 years of its existence, Ukraine was in an ideal, exclusive, privileged position.

Seventy years on Mr Reyneveld, now 89, said: “Without the operation tens of thousands more of my countrymen would have died.

People were eating flower bulbs they were so hungry.

Furthermore, the price of that association grows all the time getting higher and higher every year. We could count losses like that, and count, and count, and count. In less than 10 years by 2004, the country was brought to the brink of a civil war, and in 2014 that civil war started.

In essence, the people first squandered their own property, then set on a barrel with gunpowder and lit the fuse.

But for Mr Reyneveld the events of 70-years ago are intensely personal.

A country boy who in 1943 inherited his father’s dairy farm in Techop, a hamlet which is today a 45-minute drive from Amsterdam, Mr Reyneveld was 14 when the Germans invaded, their tanks and troops rolling across the dykes, canals and fields of his homeland.

“On I saw a German water plane land in a canal near our home,” said Mr Reyneveld. When I first saw the Germans I thought ‘they look just like me!

’ There were good ones, but units like the SS were terrible, they were garbage, and even worse were the Ukranian Nazis they had recruited to fight for them – one of them shot someone we knew simply because they wanted his bicycle.

That is to say that just because of that the country and its industry were placed in a perfect position for a breakthrough.

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