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Salo: Those not concerned with their calorie intake might consider trying salo (cured pig fat), a national dish in Ukraine.Historically eaten as a cheaper alternative to meat, many believe regular consumption of salo will lead to a long and healthy life.While Ukraine is not particularly well known for its wine, the country does produce some descent vodka (Nemiroff is the most popular) and beer (Chernihivske, Lvivske, Obolon and Slavutych).

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Unfortunately, this did not translate to particularly savoury cuisine (though in a more literal sense, Ukrainians do consume a large amount of bread and accompany most meals with it).

Instead, cooking traditions stem more from a practical desire to warm the belly during cold winters rather than splash out with fancy gastronomy.

Borsch: Locals will proudly tell you that borsch is not Russian or Polish – it’s Ukrainian.

Tons of variations exist, but all versions of borsch contain beetroot, which gives this soup its distinct red colour.

Cafeteria-style restaurants called stolova are a popular dining destination in Ukraine.

It’s common for restaurants to specialize in just one dish, such as a varenychna, which serve only varenyky.

Book this trip and make a difference to local communities.

Along with carbon offsetting your trip, we’ll also contribute funds to our new social enterprise partner, Friends-International, on your behalf.

You can still visit traditional folk villages where horse-drawn carriages outnumber cars, or join couples making wishes in the lusciously green Tunnel of Love (psst, they say your wishes come true if you’re really in love).

As the second largest country in the continent and the wedge between Russia and the rest of Europe, Ukraine is neither east nor west – it’s uniquely its own.

Post-Soviet Ukraine is often misunderstood thanks to recent political turmoil, but in fact it’s a country of lush green scenery, vibrant cities and incredible sites.

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