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“These include the same readings which prompted us to undertake further research in 2014.Given the team had drawn the attention of anti-doping authorities to the issue at the time, this does not come as a surprise.

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“We continue to support Sergio and remain confident in the independent scientific research which was undertaken.

We will be helping Sergio make his case robustly over the coming period.

Brailsford said that the team is fully in support of Henao. He has just come back to full fitness after spending eight months recovering from a potentially career ending crash.

But we respect the CADF process and will apply our team policy in the circumstances.

"You have to do a lot of risk assessment to say, well, what's the actual cost of just waiting for that sequestration, and what policies should we implement to avoid that possible cost? Explore further: Team develops more accurate model of climate change's effect on soil More information: Soils a Smaller Carbon Sink than Previously Thought, Science, …

That's outside the realm of our actual work here, but what we can say is that the problems of carbon emission and climate change are worse than what we expected previously." Also contributing to the study were Susan Trumbore of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Margaret Torn and Lydia Vaughn of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Jennifer Harden of Stanford University and the U.

“I have worked incredibly hard to get back to racing fitness after shattering my knee last year – but I know who I am, how hard I have worked and the sacrifices I have made to be where I am today.

“I am calm and confident that this will be resolved soon so I can get back to racing as soon as possible.” Brailsford described the physiology of altitude natives as a complex area.

Thus far Sergio’s data has been anonymous to the CADF experts.

We hope and believe they will reach the same conclusions when they consider the background and all the evidence over the coming weeks.” He did not address the delay in publishing the research concluded almost two years ago.

In recent years, scientists have used highly complex, computer-based Earth system models – compilations of code integrating data on the planet's oceans, land surfaces, ice masses, atmosphere and biological systems – to draw conclusions about potential future changes in regional and global temperatures, drought, sea levels and other phenomena.

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