Model tiseas videosex - Tvgos not updating

All other information about the current channel is displayed OK.I've tried everything to make the program information re-display but no luck.

tvgos not updating-60

Tvgos not updating

Im not sure i put this under the right category, but anyways...

We got a LG LED 55" TV a little while back and just hooked it to Charter, but i have a problem.

Secondly, programming information now goes less than 24 hours out.

I took this picture at PM, and all of our listings now end by PM the next day (and some don’t even go that far out).

Well, I remember that I had unplugged the TV around the time the "no program information" problem started. the program information) immediately started working again.

I went into the settings a few minutes ago and told the TV that I was in the Eastern Time Zone. The bloke is only stating his thoughts gidgidpremodonihah. People will always have issues and they will be directed to past forums....dude...not really that cool. After a month or more seeing "No program information" and not being able to solve it.....duhhhh, within minutes of posting the above message I figured out what was wrong.

See if you can find the channel with the channel guide and use it every 1/2 hour.

No, its really not worth it, but i might be able to get a DVR attached to it, so it would be worth 5$ a month. Yea i use that channel but its a pain to wait for it to scroll... For about the first month or two, when the INFO button was pushed, the TV would display program information (i.e.

Is it possible not to have any cable boxes to get picture?

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