Tummy butterflies dating

He was dependable and unambiguous — everything I'd never wanted in a man.When you’re twenty something and the world is practically brand new, you meet someone and you get that pleasant, yet horrid, upset feeling in the middle of your tummy, maybe a lump in the throat and your mind starts wandering into visions of green meadows, flowing long grasses, blonde hair flowing in the wind and love making under the sun.I think they can even have passionate and meaningful sex and a real relationship.

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Yeah – we older adults actually do believe there are better things than sex or love. I’m going to continue enjoying the men I meet and enjoying what moments I can.

I rarely go on a date with any expectations whatsoever and this has served me well.

I think as people get older, engage in relationships, endure broken hearts, deal with disappointments, witness the nastiness of divorce, custody and support sagas, witness the nagging and co-dependency and sometimes bat shit crazy drama, and basically get kicked around a little by this thing called life and that desperately sought after love fest, they can become bitter, skeptical, dead. Without hope in anything there is nothing and so we stay on the dating website cause after all, there are success stories out there.

Or we continue to accept the blind date or the Facebook invitation from a mutual friend.

Then a new guy showed up, and I barely noticed a flap as he went from occasionally asking me to dinner to making a surprise late-night run to Borders after I mentioned needing a book for work.

Or when I sat dejectedly awaiting my turn in housing court and he filled my phone's inbox with supportive texts.My boyfriend has given me a lot in the year-and-a-half we've been together: a belly rub when I ate an entire pepperoni pizza in one sitting, a flat-screen TV when my '80s model finally self-destructed, plus the usual jewelry, cards, and flowers. Since sixth grade, the best way for me to gauge my attraction to a guy has been to check for a sense of anxiety bordering on torture, an ache that signals the countless ways in which I consider him out of my league — and thus worth pining for.It peaked in my 20s, when I met the black Dylan Mc Kay — a sinewy, brooding, inscrutable bad boy.You think about that person all the time and you eventually declare you’re in love and the butterflies continue to tickle from the inside out and you are confident the perpetual smile on your face will remain for years to come.Had I known that thirty years later I would miss being able to feel those butterflies, I would have appreciated them more at the time.Back then they seemed to be just a source of anxiety and confusion.

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