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In Greek mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus.

Made by Hermes from a tortoise shell, given to Apollo as a bargain, it was said to be the first lyre ever produced.

Beginning at the north, Lyra is bordered by Draco, Hercules, Vulpecula, and Cygnus.

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Beta Lyrae is the prototype of a class of stars known as Beta Lyrae variables.

These binary stars are so close to each other that they become egg-shaped and material flows from one to the other.

Vega forms one corner of the famous Summer Triangle asterism; along with Altair and Deneb, these three stars form a prominent triangle during the northern hemisphere summer.

Vega also forms one vertex of a much smaller triangle, along with Epsilon and Zeta Lyrae.

Covering 286.5 square degrees, it ranks 52nd of the 88 modern constellations in size.

It appears prominently in the northern sky during the Northern Hemisphere's summer, and the whole constellation is visible for at least part of the year to observers north of latitude 42°S.Vega was the pole star in the year 12,000 BCE, and will again become the pole star around 14,000 CE.Vega is one of the most-magnificent of all stars, and has been called "arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun".Orpheus's music was said to be so great that even inanimate objects such as trees, streams, and rocks could be charmed.Joining Jason and the Argonauts, his music was able to quell the voices of the dangerous Sirens, who sang tempting songs to the Argonauts. While fleeing from an attack by Aristaeus, she stepped on a snake that bit her, killing her.Vega and its surrounding stars are also treated as a constellation in other cultures.

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