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When you feel an emotional reaction to what is going on, these guidelines will help you stop and think about what is happening and how you are rescuing so you can begin to change that behavior, and to change your automatic responses into more thoughtful interactions.

You can also use these guidelines to review past problems and understand the dynamics, as a guide to changing your future reactions.

My journey west took in the B5105, a road that I can only describe as the Evo triangle's fluffer.

Through the dappled sunlight I sat back and let this lovely road prepare me for what lay ahead.

• Habitually feel tired, anxious, fearful, responsible, overworked and/or resentful in your relationship.

• Focus more on your partner's feelings, problems, circumstances, performance, satisfaction or happiness than on your own.

Clients often come into my office in the throes of overblown emotion—overreacting to each other, stuck in a power struggle, or confused about why every discussion turns into a drama.

DRAMA TRIANGLE FUNCTIONAL TRIANGLE Originally developed by Stephen Karpman, M.

A functional family is calmer, and everyone is happier without the unnecessary drama.

One profound way to intervene in the Drama Triangle is for family members to learn not to rescue each other.

Recognize a Rescue While You Are Participating In It Learn to recognize that you are rescuing when you: • Do something that you do not want to do because you believe you have to, and feel resentful later. • Inappropriately parent another adult (giving unsolicited advice, giving orders, nagging, or criticizing) • Don’t tell your partner when there’s a problem, or when you feel resentful, ripped off, rejected, cheated, depressed, disappointed, or otherwise dissatisfied. • Contribute more than 50% of the effort to any project or activity that is supposed to be mutual, (including housework, earning income, making dates and social plans, initiating sex, carrying the conversations, giving comfort and support) without a clear agreement between you.

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