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I’m stepping up tonight.” Sometimes it goes right, and sometimes it doesn’t.With the show entering its fourth season on MTV2, what’s the biggest thing you think will keep people tuned in this year?

What’s been your most memorable “Don’t Try This At Home” moment on the tour? It’s so fun to do a stunt by yourself, but there’s so many guys that want to come with or volunteer from the crowd. Our first show on the tour went really bad with Bruce Cook.

He’s an awesome rider, as well as an awesome friend, but sometimes you just land wrong.

Everyone from Danny Way, who was preparing for the Great Wall of China jump, to all the top guys would come to my house to learn the new tricks.

At the time, it was a new thing that no one else had access to, so we filmed everything. We got a big following really quickly, and we had a lot of fun with it.

We got picked up by Fuel TV, and then Johnny Knoxville saw it and asked if we wanted to take it to the next step at MTV.

We started developing a good relationship with them, and that got us on the network.It’s hard to box motorcross star Travis Pastrana into one specific category.From NASCAR to motocross — and even making a mark as a reality TV star on MTV’s Nitro Circus — this guy is pretty much a modern day Renaissance Man in the world of motorsports.I never thought I’d be the type of guy to think of it as spiritual or involving energy, but when the energy is good, everybody lands.When it’s bad — let’s just say we’ve had some bad nights where the crowd will call us out on our mistakes.It proves that it’s getting bigger everyday, and it’s an honor to come and perform at place like [Madison Square Garden].

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