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This adds to the 'transparent' feel of the show's experimental processes and also its 'enthusiastic amateur' appeal, which is helped by the enthusiasm, energy, competence and personality quirks of its hosts.The two main hosts are Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.

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His designs and engineering solutions are typically efficient and simple.

He has a degree in Russian Linguistics and grew up on a farm in Indiana, from which he ran away when he was in his teens.

In season 7, when Kari took time off to have a baby, she was replaced by Jessi Combs.

Adam Savage is probably the most active and notable host of Mythbusters.

He is relentlessly over-sharing about his personal life.

He is married to a woman, and has joint custody of twin eleven-year-old boys from a previous relationship.He often does more of the technical 'heavy-lifting', welding etc., in the build team's engineering solutions.Among the most conventionally attractive of the show's male hosts, he was been a popular character in fics featuring slash pairings in the fandom's earlier years.They hosted alone for the first season and part of the second; mid-way through the second season, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, Scottie Chapman and Christine Chamberlain, workers at M5 (Jamie's special effects company), began to take a larger part in the show and appear on camera more frequently, and they soon began tackling myths independantly, forming the 'build team'.The latter two left the show in season 3, and were replaced by Grant Imahara.He wears a hearing aid as a result of a congenital inner ear condition, and suffers from severe motion sickness. In fanfiction for the show, he is often paired with Jamie.

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