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Technologies are always evolving and it's difficult for parents to monitor and control what their kids see and share.

And that's leading to a host of difficult problems for parents - and kids of all ages.

The number of young people with access to the Internet is unprecedented. But with that comes the risk that teens and increasingly, young children, are exposed to adult material, or are even participating in sexual behavior online.

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Snap Chat: Teens, nude pics, & no privacy One of the most popular apps amongst teens is "Snap Chat," which allows users to take a photo, send it, and then the image disappears on the other end after about 10 seconds.

Apps can be downloaded straight to smartphones, so it might be harder for parents to track when their kids are using them if the kids are using their own smartphones.

"They think it's going to be gone, but now there are other ways of capturing it, causing lots of embarrassment," says Resource Officer Brad Baker of Anthony Wayne Schools.

And many teens don't realize that one moment of poor judgement can come back to haunt them.

"If I wouldn't have been nosey or on top of it, he would have gotten himself in trouble," Boyer told us.

Now, Boyer feels like she has to worry about the online conversations her son is having with people she doesn't know.

Most users can immediately chat and upload their own content - and these "private chatrooms" are mostly unmoderated.

That means anyone can chat, anyone can take pictures of themselves, post, and share, (and be saved) forever.

Snap Chat is big right now because some think it represents an "untraceable" way to exchange images.

And many times those images are of a sexual nature.

A sexual image of a minor can be considered child pornography.

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