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“Craft an executive summary or ‘Who I Am’ section that showcases your overarching value proposition (or, as I call it, your ‘So what?’) and speaks directly to the stuff you know the target audience is going to care the most about.

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Try to avoid “orphans” – those one or two straggler words that spill over into a new line of text, since they take up valuable space you could be using to describe your experience.

Finally, make sure everything is properly aligned and the spacing is consistent, and have a friend proofread the document for errors.

Before you send out another cover letter, scratch those part-time jobs from college, short-term gigs that aren’t relevant to your current career goals, your college GPA, and anything related to high school (unless you are still in college).

Other items to delete include your photo, a list of “skills” that includes Microsoft Word or other software most people know how to use, and overly personal information, like your age or religious affiliation.

Ditching the “boilerplate zombie language,” will boost your chances of getting a job, according to career expert Liz Ryan.

“Employers can’t tell one zombified results-oriented professional from the next, and the biggest challenge a job-seeker has is to stand out in a crowded field,” she wrote in a post on Linked In.

Fibs on your resume – even small ones – are a big no-no.

Yet three-quarters of hiring managers Career Builder surveyed in 2016 said they’d caught a candidate lying on their resume.

Rather than a deadly dull list of job responsibilities, use your resume to highlight what you’ve accomplished in past positions. Hiring managers also like to see concrete evidence of your work, a 2015 survey by Career Builder found.

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