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The new heat exchangers installed this summer would be designed specifically to work with hot water, according to GCSD Superintendent Chris Reitan.Reitan told the board that nine contractors have expressed interest in bidding on the project so far, though only one has visited Galena to check out the building.

But council members opposed to the ordinance took issue with the timing of the lease, in which BLM employees could potentially get full access to the Iditarod Inn before the end of the school year, and the prospect of displacing Galena Interior Learning Academy dorm staffers, who would have to pack up and vacate their rooms before summer break.

Council member Brad Scotton, who initially voted to advance the ordinance, offered a way forward: “Maybe go back for a quick renegotiation on some points, and get this at least to where it is introducible, and have a special meeting in about two weeks just to introduce," Scotton advised his fellow council members.

The final cost of the heating and efficiency upgrades won’t be known until the bid is awarded.

The School Board also approved a school calendar for the upcoming year.

The approved calendar sets the first day of school for students at August 21st, and the last day at May 22nd.

At a sentencing hearing in Fairbanks on Monday, Galena’s Kyle Nickoli was given a suspended sentence of two years – but no additional jail time – for crimes related to a February 1st, 2015 break-in at the Galena Liquor Store.City council members also asked City Manager Huntington to try to add a small annual increase in the lease rate to account for inflation, and to check on the possibility of BLM assigning two people per room rather than one.Council member Ben Blasco estimated that the City could offer BLM 30 rooms just by utilizing the unused rooms from the Iditarod Inn combined with the city-owned Birchwood dormitory."That way we can have a hearing at our regularly scheduled meeting [in May], and we can decide then with all the information if we are going to move forward with it this year or not.Because if we kick this too far down the road, it is not going to happen this year. They were looking at building their own buildings; they are probably not going to do that.City and school officials have concluded that the switch to a hot water-based heat distribution system, which accompanied the switch to biomass heat on base last fall, exposed some of the shortcomings of the aging heaters in the dorm.

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