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Guiding readers through a thoroughly documented history of lighting and towers ranging from the Eiffel Tower and its search lights, to the remarkable Washington Monument (the worlds tallest masonry structure unsupported by steel), The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting provides readers with an engaging and unique compendium of specialized information.The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting is very strongly recommended reading, both for its thoughtful analysis and its concise presentation focused upon a history of previously little known facts about the creation and use of lighthouses and lighted towers.

On A Planet Sailing West is very highly recommended for naturalists, environmentalists, and ordinary readers who will come away with a genuine appreciation for Clarke's personal, engaging, and almost memoir-like narrative style.

The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting Larry Brian Radka The Einhorn Press 1314 Oak Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 0965754588 $19.95 Painstakingly compiled and deftly edited by Larry Brian Radka, The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting offers an original, informative, and profusely illustrated in-depth study of the incredible lighthouse constructed by Sostras of Cnidos, as well as a serving as a complete reference to a multitude of many other outstanding electrical lighting accomplishments down through history.

15200 NBN Way, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214 1905047584 $19.95 Breast: One Man's Search For The Goddess by Tim Ward is the inherently fascinating story of his three year journey to rediscover the lost connection with the Goddess of the ancient Europeans and her relationship to the male psyche.

Deftly documenting an emerging appreciation for, and understanding of, the historical impact of a diminished prominence of the Goddess (many of whose attributes were to be subsumed in the Christian cult of the Virgin Mary), Savage Breast expertly covers diverse female deities including such goddesses as Aphrodite, Artemis of Ephesus, Demeter, Hera, Hekate, and others.

The Secrets To Masterful Meetings is very strongly recommended for all social club, governmental administrators, and business managers, executives, and consultants charged with the responsibility of organizing and/or conducting a meeting of any size and for any purpose. Horowitz Tetrahedron 206 North 4th Avenue, Sandpoint, ID 83864 0923550372 $23.95 On Water by Leonard G.

Horowitz is a remarkable guide to the constructive fundamentals of life.

Engaging readers with the brilliant young woman's remarkable perspective of life and her unique ideals, Les Triples creates a plot in which Mary Jane decides to live a life of polygamy and a highly educated and somewhat philosophical interpretation of marriage and socially set paradigms. Greenwalt Blue/Gray Press 611 Frederick Road, #201, Baltimore, MD 21228 0977658201 .95 Time For Glory: 1861 by R. Greenwalt is an intriguing, albeit fictional, account of the American Civil War and the lives of soldier and civilians caught up in that tumultuous time.

Les Triples is very strongly recommended as a subversive and intricate novel deftly detailing the intricate issues surrounding monogamy and progressive society for its rare and knowledgeable interpretation of modern society in whole and the underdeveloped system and education of marriage. Following the life of Joshua Campbell through his experience with the Confederate army through battle, leadership, a soldier life and love, A Time For Glory: 1861 then carries readers over to the life and experiences of Elihu Hawthorne, a Massachusetts Congressman affected by the radical vision of the republican party, and a perpetual fear of capture by the enemy.

A "must read" for single men and women seeking to have a viable social life, Dating 101 is very strongly recommended reading, especially for those who are dissatisfied with their "single-hood status" and are losing out in the dating game.

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