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Racing against the clock of her own desire, Sabrina seeks help from the most dangerous immortals, risking her own sanity to save him.But the touch of his hungry hands and his insistent, sumptuous mouth are driving her into unknown realms of desire.His face was hidden behind a pair of tinted sunglasses, his body encased in Army green and tan fatigues, but I could see his strong chin and tanned skin. In this place of swirling dust and daily eruptions of gunfire and explosions, his complete and utter stillness was captivating—the sound of shouting retreated and fell away.

Valkyrie's Kiss is the story of Sabrina, a Valkyrie who finds herself breaking all the rules of her kind to save a mortal, Sergeant Jesse Moran. Valkyries have one simple duty—to find heroes and mark them for Valhalla with a deadly kiss.

But when Sabrina stumbles upon courageous Sergeant Jesse Moran on a dusty street in Kandahar, she breaks all the rules of her kind and saves his life.

The young girl with the AK-47 held him steady in her sights.

I watched him kneel and carefully lay his weapon down, the ease of his movements stealing my breath.

Yes, it’s valuable to get an insider’s look from the men in the ivory tower, but is it really a reflection of the publishing industry today? It’s taken me a few days to figure out why it bothered me so much.

With all due respect to Donald Maass, I don’t believe that embracing a class system breeds creativity and innovation.

Create a writer’s group with any other writers in your area (this was before the Internet made it possible to get in touch with others writing in the same genre). If you had the time and money, you could go for an MFA in Creative Writing, but that was only for ‘serious’ writers and if you liked horror or romance or any genre book, you were discouraged from wasting your time and money in grad school.

My first group consisted of three middle aged men and me. If you don’t believe me, just go take a look at some of Stephen King’s old comments about genre writing.

After more than a century of service on the battlefield, Sabrina has lost her enthusiasm for sending heroes to the court of Valhalla, with its petty squabbles and corruption, and wants Jesse to have the chance to lead a full life.

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