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In Israel, recent governments have relied on the support of extreme minority groups to form a coalition government and this has created its own problems with such support being withdrawn on a whim or if those extreme parties feel that their own specific views are not being given enough support.: this is different from a one-party system.

A state where one party rules would include the remaining communist states of the world (Cuba, North Korea and China), and Iraq (where the ruling party is the Ba’ath Party). One of the more common features of a one-party state is that the position of the ruling party is guaranteed in a constitution and all forms of political opposition are banned by law.

The ruling party controls all aspects of life within that state.

The belief that a ruling party is all important to a state came from Lenin who believed that only one party – the Communists – could take the workers to their ultimate destiny and that the involvement of other parties would hinder this progress.: as the title indicates, this is a state in which just two parties dominate.

Other parties might exist but they have no political importance.

The two-party system presents the voter with a simple choice and it is believed that the system promotes political moderation as the incumbent party must be able to appeal to the ‘floating voters’ within that country.

Those who do not support the system claim that it leads to unnecessary policy reversals if a party loses a election as the newly elected government seeks to impose its ‘mark’ on the country that has just elected it to power.

Within Westminster, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats provide a healthy political rivalry.

Sartori defines a multi-party system as one where no party can guarantee an absolute majority.

Such sweeping reversals, it is claimed, cannot benefit the state in the short and long term.: as the title suggests, this is a system where more than two parties have some impact in a state’s political life.

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