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We end the day in Strahan beside Macquarie Harbour.

Join your guide as we venture into the untouched wilderness of Tasmania's West Coast.

After a short drive to Sheffield, we arrive in “the town of murals”, before continuing on to Launceston, Australia’s third oldest city.

We start with a morning walk at Cataract Gorge in the heart of Launceston before making our way to the east coast and visiting the beautiful Bay of Fires.

We'll also stay in amazing lodges, eat good food and make new friends.

See Map Our journey begins as we travel across the island from east to west.Our passionate team are always available to answer any queries you may have. For the latest information on immunisations, we strongly recommend you or contact the Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centre ( to discuss health requirements for your trip.They will advise you about appropriate inoculations.Your local guide can help you choose a trail to give you the best experience at Cradle Mountain.The base walk around Dove Lake takes about two hours or you can tackle a more challenging walk up to Marion's Lookout - about three hours up and back.If you need assistance with booking flights or buses our travel team and certainly help - Just ask!

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