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Dot Sub has a great interface that allows you to easily type in text that instantly becomes the sub-titles.

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Kept in its protective sphere to avoid scratches, it could easily last and be read 2,000 years into the future!

Joining in the celebration was Oliver Wilke, proud owner of a new Rosetta Disk (shown reflected in the Rosetta sphere on the left, above).

Well-made, well-cared for paper can last 1,000 years easily, and probably reach 2,000 without much extra trouble. Posted 9 years, 2 months ago by Laura Welcher Yesterday at the Long Now Museum, board members, staff and guests raised a glass to celebrate the completion of the first version of the complete Rosetta Disk.

Over eight years in development, the Disk is a physical, microscopic library of information on over 1,500 human languages.

The language was the first to be recorded with the new technology in the pilot project and also the source of the app’s name.

The developers named their application Aikuma after the Usarufa word for “meeting”.The disk will be a centerpiece for his new foundation in support of endangered and minority languages around the world. if the Rosetta Disk is a prototype and facet of the Library of Ages (companion to the 10,000 Year Clock), what goes into the fine print next?Check out our pictures of the event on Flickr Also this article on the Rosetta Disk launch event in the San Francisco Chronicle, August 20, 02008 Posted 9 years, 8 months ago by JD Ross Leahy Since its launch in 2005, Google Earth has become a valuable tool for sharing information of global scale.Once we get several of these we will look at ways to localize a set of Seminar pages into various languages that we have translations for. Posted 9 years, 2 months ago by Laura Welcher Last week the Rosetta craft (carrying our prototype Rosetta Disk) successfully recorded its flyby of Steins Asteroid with these -- the first images from its OSIRIS imaging system (also check out this cool animation).During the flyby, the craft was out of communication for approximately 90 minutes - what must have been a nerve-wracking, although planned silence, as the teams engineers turned Rosetta away from the sun.Bird and his colleagues provided the Usarufa people with Android cell phones, equipped with the app, to record themselves speaking their language.

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