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Ruth Negga continues to do good work with what she's given, but mopey Tulip hasn't always been the best use of the character.

And finally we have Cassidy, who is dealing with his newly minted vampire son Denis.

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We'll see where that goes, assuming Jesse does anything other than reject the notion.

Outside of his adventures, Tulip's interactions continue to be lower key and frustrating.

Not many other shows would have the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope argue the reason for the Almighty's disappearance, but it is at least a fun little digression.

As for Jesse, he's exposed to a much wider world of faith, and is whisked off (note the plane, train and automobile) to meet the current generation of Jesus' progeny.

Highlight: The discussion on where God has gone –and why.

Lowlight: The obvious turns of the Cassidy/Denis relationship.Kill of the week: No one died directly this week, though Hoover didn't come out of his encounter with Tulip well. Joey will get a part in a TV show but he has to sleep with the casting lady which he doesn't know if he should do.Not sure where in the Bible the Lord And Saviour asks someone if they're "cool" about keeping a secret, but this is the show we've all come to expect, not a Biblical documentary.Jesse's search for God finally took a real turn this week – after a run of episodes that had descended into a dull repetition of ideas, he at last gets some interaction with Herr Starr and The Grail.Joey sleeps with the casting lady and gets a big part in the show.

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